Web 2.0: Facebook

While I had a Facebook page previously, I really only used it to follow things that I liked and never really used it other than on my phone. I took a bit of time to explore all of the newer features I had not seen using Facebook from my PC and updated all of my information, and strangely enough, tomorrow I’ll be updating my timeline with my graduation, which seems really strange. Anyway, I like how Facebook allows you to keep in the know with all of your favorite things, be it music artists, companies, and also, of course, your friends and family. I also love the easy integration that many outside websites allows Facebook to have with them, such as Goodreads and Instagram, and it makes it much easier to update your Goodreads book shelves (see my previous post about Goodreads) and post pictures from Instagram straight to your timeline. All in all, I will continue to use Facebook in the future just because it is so simple and easy to share and see what others are sharing. 

As for libraries using Facebook, I believe that all libraries really need to join Facebook if they haven’t already, as it is a major source of community outreach that is easy to use and free. My library’s social media coordinator does an excellent job of keeping the public connected with the library in ways that is really simple and fun, from fun prize giveaways and quizzes to program info and cool videos, it really helps the library seem current and more open to the community.

Link to my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/amanda.ballard.374


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